Behind the Lens

 This is me, Brie: a photographer, mother, and passionate seeker of truth and beauty.

 A teenage obsession with Ellen Von Unwerth, and a dream of  freedom that looked like a long haired, tattooed girl kicking up sand on the California coast. That’s what inspired me, at age 21, to pick up a camera. My career highlights have included photographing gorgeous, interesting women on the world’s most stunning beaches, as well as celebrities, top models and designers in their natural habitats—all with a sensual coastal vibe I’m proud to call my own.

I believe that the most beautiful pictures are the ones that make you feel. Beauty is everywhere. That may even be an understatement in today’s Insta world.  But for me, there’s got to be something behind those eyes to keep me engaged. A secret. A joke. A reason. A story.

My favorite images are the ones that draw you in not just for their aesthetic, but because of the undercurrent.  The Latin derivative for the word emotion literally means energy in motion, and that’s what I aim to capture in my work. I’ve always been a woman on the move, a girl who directs her subjects to run, jump, hit a hip, lick a lip, or laugh out loud. Because movement and play connect my subjects with different, deeper parts of themselves. Parts that don’t think but feel. And when they are feeling it, you do too.